i was on the phone with one of my friends and i jokingly said "hey i should make this article" and now here i am writing it when there are other things i should be doing lol

claire; prickly pear

mexico and nopal image night gown and nightgown image
claire can have a of a rough exterior and be a bit intimidating but on the inside she just wants to be loved and appreciated. shes incredibly smart and funny and i love the person she helped me be

emily; pancake

food, pancakes, and breakfast image girl, ocean, and summer image
emily is a sweet and soft. shes someone who be with you through and through no matter what. pancakes are the type of food you can have at anytime because its reliable like her.

maya; cherry

cherry and fruit image aesthetic, brown, and eye image
maya from afar looks innocent but just when you get close enough you hit the seed making you realize there is so much more to her then you first thought.

lucy; milk

aesthetic, beverage, and drink image aesthetic, blurry, and city image
lucy is milk because some people dont like milk and the people who do, love milk. lucy is someone who can make enemies but i shes also the most honest girl ive ever known and i wouldn't change it.

delaney; cake

aesthetic, soft, and cake image sun and sunset image
delaney is sweet and she gives a little piece of her heart to everyone just like a slice of cake. deleaney is very honest and she only ever wants the best for you. shes also gives the best hugs

me; eclair

cream, pastries, and retro image clothes, fashion, and green image
im an eclair because i have layers. i can be really shy and awkward but when i get to know you i loosen up a lot and i can be a bit hard to handle.

overall i'm so grateful to have such amazing friends to look back on after high school.

thanks for reading <3