Hello again,

It is I....

the helpless romantic.

I'm kidding...not really lol. But my name is Elise btw.

I think we all know where this article is going to go. I have been in this position wayyyyyy...and I mean....wayyy too many times. This position you may ask is having a crush on a guy, being rejected or just unnoticed all together(lol) and then feeling hurt because my imaginary story or cute romcom I was hoping to endure did not happen.Yeah I know. It literally sucks lol. Guys can be confusing a lot or whoever you love, it can be hard to understand if they want to really pursue something with you or not.So, I just live this cute little fantasies of mine in silence and let myself down when I have to break it to myself in these words(which are actually the same words used for a popular romcom),"HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU." Yeah. Let that sink in.Now that you have came to terms that you and your crush are probably not going anywhere(i really don't mean to sound harsh).Let's get this confidence boosted up and get over this ex-crush girl/boy.


Time to stop stalking. You can make up all the excuses you want but girl ya need to stop stalking him on that instagram page, facebook relationship status or whatever. Stalking him so much is not going to help you. Literally it's not because when your done you will have to keep reminding yourself of what gave you the doubt that he probably doesn't like you the way you thought.Then, you are in your feelings again...yikes no fun.


Understand why you had a crush on him in the first place. Was it the beautiful blue eyes, the soft brown hair, the height(oh my gosh not the height lol), or oh he's soo cute when he does...(whatever makes you go oh la la). Guilty is charged that I usually fall hard off appearance(shallow enough...chile I KNOW..I'm working on it lol) but can you blame me tho. As cheesy as it sounds, it's all about what's on the FREAKIN INSIDE. You can fall for the hottest guy in school and he can be the biggest jerk you ever met. Believe me I had my fair share with those types(collective sigh).But just list out the non-physical stuff that made you have a crush on him. If it's more than one and their good then gurrrllll I will definitely understand why you hurt. But, chile if it's one thing and it's not really that grand or crush worthy thennnn idk what to tell ya. It probably means your more physically attracted to the guy then ACTUALLY into him ya know.


Are you using this idea of having a crush as a distraction. I'll admit it, yes it's fun to have someone to be excited about. Learning more about them, trying to get to know them and dreaming of the chances that y'all could become something. But is this a distraction or an escape from the real-life problems you face, whether that be being insecure or feeling alone. Getting a guy to like you is not the answer to all the world's problems. It's honestly just not. It's only going to draw you back from the problems you can face and solve like RIGHT NOW. So, evaluate the reason for this crush and I'll let you decide if this is a good crush or toxic crush for you.


Please do not force it! OOFF I am extremely guilty of this one. There is stories on top of stories about me trying to force a connection with a guy and it really was not cute or fun, it was embarrassing, very embarrassing. If he wants to talk to you then he will talk to you. I get it yeah there is some guys that are shy but....they find some type of way I think(those type of guys are extremely hard for me to read). But the connection is mutual then the communication will be as well. Overtexting him is not going to fix it, it's going to scream "please talk to me!" and that's not cute. But yeah don't force a connection that is non-existing.


FOCUS ON YOU! LORD HAVE MERCY FOCUS ON YOU! Literally when I found myself going on my phone to do important stuff instead stalking my crush. I was just like wow I'm actually doing stuff that is getting me forward in life instead of worrying over a guy...we love improvement lol. But yes please focus on school especially with it starting back up in the Fall, we ain't got time to be chasing after dem boys.

I hope this article offered at least some bit of help with getting over the guy your not even dating. No but seriously please let me know if this worked because I only have like one or two of these steps down. So, feel free to connect with me on my social medias down below.Peace out luvs<3
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