Hey angels (✿╹◡╹)

Not 100% sure if anyone has done this before, but I decided to do a twist on the 'my friend's aesthetic' tag and do my family's aesthetic this time. This will be quite interesting because although my sister and I are around the same age we both are completely different.


quotes, art, and words image aesthetic, art, and faith image girl, gold, and jewels image parfum, perfume, and cute image
Tall, tan skin, dark brown eyes - My mom is an introvert when we are at a party or big events. I've noticed that she tends to listen, form an opinion, but for the majority of the time she keeps it to herself. She also can't live without her signature Tresor perfume and gold necklaces. Honestly, this woman deserves the world.


amigos, amor, and dad image cars, ford, and indie image amen, icon, and christus image art, coffee, and inspiration image
Tall, dark tan skin, brown eyes - He looks like a serious old man, but in reality he is like a child. Despite his age he is still filled with a sense of adventure and humor.


beautiful, dress, and kid image aesthetic, b&w, and classy image bitch, bullshit, and class image Image removed
Tall, light skin, brown eyes - My sister is the youngest and the most beautiful between both of us. She is bold and fierce, and I know she will be a caring mother now that she will have her own daughter.


art, blue, and aesthetic image writing, quotes, and art image shoes image aesthetic, cathedral, and catholicism image
Tall, tan, brown eyes - I love art. The fact that I can express my thoughts and emotions on paper, clothes, or on a canvas amazes me. Everything I create, do or say is a statement of who I am and what I believe in.

Well, that's my family!
Make your own and tag me :)

xoxo - FatHuert


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