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From childhood we begin to love automatically, we learn from those around us how to act, say or feel, because we see their experiences and their lack of love closely, but although this is the engine of life, we are not taught to deal with it, much less explain the different loves and much less what is not love, so we grow most of the time with limiting beliefs such as: if I do not love me, I can love my boyfriend but still have male friends? Or is it normal to love someone of my own sex?

Love is powerful, it becomes the most important feeling and decision in our lives since we are born. It is a language that manages to resist time, crosses continents, does not let itself be carried away by the physical or much less by how many zeros our bank account has, because in the end we all have the right to love and feel loved. When it invades our system, we become a sea of emotions, it becomes easier for us to understand, connect and feel for others; as they say: "love makes people good". The key is to plug in, that way we will have empathy which is simply to put ourselves in the other person's shoes. Here the hormones in the mirror have a great ability: to turn on just by looking at others and to be able to feel for them. This shows us that we are born to be connected, to respect and to put ourselves in the shoes of people with different cultures, races, genders or beliefs, this means to reach a high level of love. As a human species we have the need to touch each other, there is this rigor of feeling physically, although people often relate only to sexual, when we touch we relax for that reason thousands of dollars a year are spent on massage worldwide. Do social networks connect us? To connect we need time and space, even if we have a thousand followers in Instagram or Facebook this does not satisfy our need to feel emotionally and physically loved. We need time, because it is impossible to feel empathy when we are in a hurry, because our brain thinks: why carry more problems? We need time, because it is impossible to feel empathy when we are in a hurry because our brain thinks: why carry more problems?, many times we see how great injustices happen and we do not intend to move a single finger, because we are disconnected, it takes only a few tenths of seconds to feel stimulation, but it takes six to eight seconds to feel for others, although we spend every day reading outrageous news, just being in the cycle of << on and off>> feelings this makes us remain disconnected. The best method to feel another person is to use our senses and certainly is hugging because it only takes six seconds for our brain to react chemically, no matter if we embrace the whole body, side or front to side, the most important thing is to look and connect ... remember that the more you embrace slower aging, there is no place or time to do so, we can always resort to this magic tool that is a therapy for everyone, so enjoy your friends, family, neighbors or partner, we all need to feel protection and understood; That's why there is a rule of thumb that a person has a 15 percent chance of being happy if they surround themselves and connect with a happy person.

Without a doubt, loving and feeling loved is one of the highest priorities for us as vulnerable beings. When we enter into this journey that can last weeks, months or years, we learn to connect with another person, we begin to undress all those wounds that we have stored in our hearts and give what we have to make another person happy. Love is an adventure that although we want to escape each time we break our hearts, we always end up living it again.

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____________________________ Reflection on a summer afternoon 10/08/2020

written by : @bymarianachc