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Here's an article I took a long time to prepare and write, with all my heart. I wanted an aesthetic to represent at best the Major Arcana of tarot, it took me some time to choose images. Also, I've tried to put some key words for you to understand the energy of each card.

Maybe it will be a first step in the tarot world for some of you guys, I hope it will catch your attention ! Just for some explanations : there are 78 cards in tarot, composed of 22 Major Arcana - the most "powerful" when they appear, strong and important messages coming, often talking about a present situation, help to understand deeply the whole reading - the rest of the cards are Minor Arcana which give a lot of details on the situation or the question asked. If you're already experimented, just enjoy :)

Also : I don't read the upright and reverse positions, it cuts my intuition. I determine if the card talks about the "positive side" or the "dark side" (or even both) of a situation by intuition or just by asking an oriented question (for example litteraly "what are the bad sides of this situation ?")

0 ~ The Fool

couple, dance, and fun image
best friends, experiences, and fun image quotes, red, and time image
key words : new beginnings, start from scratch, childish energy, innocence, lack of structure and commitment, I don't give a fuck about what you're thinking, spontaneity, potential, leaving everything behind, travel, not knowing fears, crazy in other people eye's

1 ~The Magician

eyes, aesthetic, and eye image quotes, potential, and inspiration image
key words : endless potential, willpower, have learned from the past, ready for the next step, clear mind, concentration, inner power, manifestation of your dreams, power in your hands, resources, creativity, intellect

2 ~ The High Priestess

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by Pleasing TT Eye
key words : inner guidance, meaningful dreams, the subsconcious mind, hidden messages and signs you need to see, following your intuition, knowledges, truth seeker, powerful mind, keeping things to yourself, silence, mystery, sensuality, divine feminine

3 ~ The Empress

gencler image hippie, stream, and tranquility image
key words : divine feminine (means we can talk about a man, it's an energy), connection to nature, harmony, beauty, self-love, rest, sensuality, sexuality, Love for every beings, give, fertility, motherhood, mother figure

4 ~ The Emperor

heels, aesthetic, and black image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
key words : divine masculine (same here), structure, concentration, leardership, logic before heart, wealth, stability, independance, authority, feeling grounded and present to yourself, setting plans and goals and following them, determination, father figure, older man, fatherhood

5 ~ The Hierophant

Catholic, prayer, and aesthetic image monks, nature, and river image
key words : religion, traditional values and institutions, transmitting, learning and teaching, sharing, getting advices from a spiritual/authority figure, guidance, structure, beliefs, conformity, spirituality

6 ~ The Lovers

Image removed lesbian, lgbtq, and girl image
key words : deep connection, love connection, sexual connection, relationships in general, a great meeting, spiritual or soul connection, alignment and unions, important choices, crossed roads, choices that change you, commitment, tie

7 ~ The Chariot

horse, animal, and white image blonde, handsome, and george mackay image
key words : being the master on your sea, move forward, take back the reeinders of your ship, have your shit together, leading your own life, ambition, determination, overcoming a hard path, success is near, hard work, keep on, focus

8 ~ Strength

Temporarily removed quotes, self love, and inspiration image
key words : loving yourself no matter what, inner strength, willpower, self-respect, being proud of who you are, happiness, success, confidence, feeling enough, overcoming self-doubt (okay that's a whole life goal)

9 ~ The Hermit

girl, water, and summer image mirror, japanesegirl, and お洒落 image
key words : self-introspection, soul searching, seeking truth and knowledges, a need to uncover something, feeling lost, being alone for a while, inner guidance, get in touch with your spirituality

10 ~ The Wheel Of Fortune

grunge, neon, and orange image colours, dark, and game image
key words : karma cleansing, law of attraction, actions and their consequences, life cycles, seasons, the effect of time, life lessons, past life karma, good or bad luck depending on your karma, decisive moments

11 ~ Justice

aesthetic, fair, and justice image Temporarily removed
key words : getting what you deserve (bad or good), the truth is finally revealed, getting recognition, fairness, divine justice, life lesson, human justice, law, legal commitment or conflict, actions and their effects

12 ~ The Hanged Man

boy, snow, and winter image snowflake, snow, and winter image
key words : feeling stuck, feeling trapped, wrapped and tied up, nothing moves your way, immobility, fears, insecurities, self-doubt, anxiety, overthinking, lack of direction. It's generaly more a feeling than a real situation, this card often appears when you need to change your vision about one situation, it says you still have the power, even to let go.

13 ~ Death

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
key words : deep and inevitable transformation, death of a part of you that will let space to a new beautiful version of you, painful process, harsh times, going through darkness for while, depression, cutting of past situations or toxic relationships, letting go of the past, end of a life cycle, new beginning to come, rebirth. I choose these images from the Maleficient movie cause it gave me so much Death card vibes, it was so fucking beautiful.

14 ~ Temperance

beauty, Dream, and girl image girl, magic, and ocean image
key words : spiritual or physical healing, a need to return to nature and especialy water (any forms) in order to heal, balancing life, finding back your inner peace, harmony, go with the flow of life, tranquility don't over-control things, let go, trust the path, deep connection with another, soulmates

15 ~ The Devil

Abusive image Image by 🥀🍃
key words : toxic relationships, someone controlling our life but we don't want to see, acts of abuse, mental health issues, self-disrespect, drugs, alcohol, addictions of any kind in general, depression, dependency, passions, determination, something burning inside, anger, mystery, sexuality in all its forms

16 ~ The Tower

Temporarily removed fire, house, and burn image
key words : a quick and brutal event that changes everything (it can be as simple as a few words during a conversation), it's chaos all around, unexpected changes, still the Universe (or whatever you believe in) have warned you, you provocated it in many case, uncovering the truth about something, revelations. The good thing to remember is that The Tower is all about destroying (OK brutally but still) what doesn't serve you, leaving you with greater fondations to restart

17 ~ The Star

pink, rose gold, and gold image quotes, neon, and light image
key words : a reminder to hope, trust the path, have faith no matter what, trust that what is meant to be will be, let go of insecurities, let time do its effect, don't try to overcontrol, a strong card that means the Universe/ God is on your side

18 ~ The Moon

girl, beauty, and blonde image Image by Dayana Duque
key words : untold truth, hidden things around you, revelations, repressed feelings coming back, illusion falling down, anxiety, fears, deception, following your inner guidance, self-introspection, trust your intuition through insecurities, dreams messages, about everything that is inside you, secrecy

19 ~ The Sun

Temporarily removed sunflower, flowers, and yellow image
key words : happiness, success, self-expression, recognition, joy, childish feeling, being in touch with your inner child, creativity flowing, innocence, happy relationships, being well-surrounded, optimism, positivity, enjoy the power of sun

20 ~ Judgement

boss, brown, and dangerous image Relationship, break up, and fake friends image
key words : being harshly judged, by yourself or others, remember your worth, re-evaluating your life, a call to connect to your spirituality, being at crossed roads, reaching another stage in your life, understanding your role in this world, divine judgement, requestionning, karma cleansing

21 ~ The World

bali, girl, and indonesia image bicycle, blue, and forest image
key words : after overcoming all the obtacles of the 21th previous arcanas, The World indicates that you reach a point of self-accomplishment or a new stage of accomplishment in your life. Stable happiness, inner peace, a peaceful heart, connection to yourself, to others and to the divine, travel, being welcomed, self-accomplishment, success, glowing, completion

I hope you guys enjoyed this article, let me know :)

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