Hey guys!! I've seen a lot of people do this recently so I wanted to try it out. I was inspired by:

My Overall Style

kfashion, korean fashion, and style image outfit, fashion, and girl image fashion, girl, and style image fashion, aesthetic, and style image
I wear lots of baggy jeans with tighter cropped tops and sweaters.

My Color Palette

blue image aesthetics, white, and paint image black, aesthetic, and art image nails, Nude, and brown image
I wear a lot of blues, whites, blacks, and neutral colors.

Patterns I Wear

aesthetic, fashion, and girl image outfit, fashion, and style image girl, outfit, and clothes image style, fashion, and outfit image
I have lots of shirts with stripes and I also own a few pants with stripes on them.

My Aesthetic

fashion, outfit, and style image cardigan, fashion, and grass image fashion, clothes, and outfit image fashion, outfit inspiration, and outfit ideas image
My style is very inspired by the 90's and a little bit of the early 2000's

Shoe Closet

all star, fashion, and moda image sneakers, adidas, and fashion image Image removed shoes, sneakers, and nike image
My daily shoes are my yellow converse and my purple nikes, and the boots I wear on special occasions.

Go-To Accessories

chicas, girls, and gold image Image by MiCheam accessories, gold, and rings image bag, fashion, and girl image
I wear mostly gold jewellery and a lot of rings. My bag is usually a small 90's inspired one.

My Fav hairstyles

accessories, jewelry jewellery, and small tattoo image fashion, hair, and style image flowers, aesthetic, and girl image bright, cozy, and fashion image
My hair is usually in a bun or in a hairscarf. If it's not either of those, it's in a ponytail of half up-half down.

My favorite Stores

decor, shopping, and swedish image layout, bts, and rm image Image by L BOY fashion and urban outffiters image
I shop at HM, Zara, Nike and Urban Outfitters.

My Style Inspo

kendall jenner image kendall jenner, model, and summer image fashion and zendaya image fashion and zendaya image
My biggest style inspo's are Kendall Jenner and Zendaya.

My Future Style

fashion, girl, and paris image yellow, outfit, and street style image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, aesthetic, and girls image
I would like to dress up my style a bit and make it more mature while also trying to experiment with colors and patterns more.

I hope you guys liked this article!!

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