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As you know, I love Greek Mythology and astrology. I was thinking how I could put both in an article. Today I'm gonna show you the zodiac signs as gods. Hope you like it.


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Okay, it's obvious. The god of war and Aries are soulmates. Both don't like rules and are easily irritated. Trust me, my friend is Aries. I know what I'm saying hahahaha


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Demeter is the goddess of the harvest and agriculture. She's also a wonderful mother and care a lot about her daughter, Persephone. My mom is Taurus. I see a lot of Demeter in her. Taurus is possessive and angry sometimes, but in the most of times, looks like Cancer or Pisces, but without the excessive drama.


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Hermes is the messenger of the gods, protector of travellers, thieves and merchants. Impulsive, outgoing and intelligent are the characteristics that I can define Hermes. He's sooo Gemini. I have a lot of stories with Gemini and my literary crush was son of Hermes. Luke Castellan was a true Gemini. My ex crush is all of this too. Gemini is also unreliable. In a minute they're happy and in the next minute they're angry or sad. Hermes is all of this too hahahaha


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Finally my sign. My nickname Drama Queen is about this. I'm dramatic, romantic and all of Cancer stuff. I'm 100% Cancer. Sometimes, because my Moon and Rising are in Leo. Artemis is the goddess of moon, of wild animals, the hunt and chastity. I love her so much, she's so powerful. She's also the older sister, like me. My brother looks like Apollo sometimes, an unpredictable child.


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Sun, gold, glitter hahaha. Apollo and Leo were born to each other. I cannot see another Greek god like this sign if it is not Apollo. Apollo is a romantic, but unlike Cancer, he is a very hard-working love. Leo does everything to achieve something. Apolo fell in love with a nymph named Dafne, but as he is Apollo, things did not end very well. He scoffed at Eros and his skills in the archery. As a result, Eros shot one of his arrows at Daphne, causing her to reject Apollo. She wanted to be away from him so badly that she begged him to become a tree. Laurel leaves have become one of the symbols attached to Apollo because of his love for the nymph.

Never irritate Eros, he usually takes revenge.
Leo is a very loyal and sometimes arrogant sign, but be patient. It is one of the coolest signs of the zodiac.


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As Aries and Ares, Virgo and Athena are soulmates. I can't see another god as Virgo. Observant, perfectionists, analytical and the masters of sarcasm can define Virgo...and my dad hahahaha. Athena is also all of this, but I think she have a lot of Aquarius too. My best friend is daughter of Athena and Aquarius.


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The goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation. But she can be dangerous too, don't think she can't because of all these beauty stuff. And Libra too. Charming, beautiful, generous and well-balanced. I'm not talking about Aphrodite hahaha. But it can also be about her, but is about Libra. One of my best friends is Libra and she's sooooo in love with her boyfriend. Really, she looks like Cancer with him, but she's Libra hahahaha


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Hades is one of my fave gods. His son, Nico, is my fave character in Percy Jackson. Hades is god of the underworld and precious metals. He's in love with Persephone (so in love that he kidnapped her and took her to the Underworld. Lovely, isn't it?). She is his weakness. And now we talk about Scorpio. Determined, ambitious, resentful, controlling and emotional. Again, I'm talking about Scorpio and not Hades hahahaha. My brother is Scorpio, every day is a different kind of patience test. He can be lovely, cute and adorable when he wants...or when he wants something. 100% Scorpio.


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Sagittarius is independent, curious, funny, a little selfish and intelligent. The god of wine, pleasure, festivity, madness and wild frenzy is all of this too. Dionysus used to have several parties and orgies with the satyrs, his servants. All of Sagittarius that I know love parties and fun.


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Hestia is the goddess of the hearth, the right ordering of domesticity, the family, the home. She is also the goddess of the fireplace, something related to the home. She is the eldest daughter and firstborn child of the Titans Cronus and Rhea. Rhea was linked to motherhood and the mother of some of the most important gods in mythology. Responsible and very loyal to those they care for, but often cold to those outside of their circle of friends and family defines Capricorn people. They are also touchy and workaholic.


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My fave greek goddess, Hecate is the goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy. She's sooooo powerful and amazing. And nothing better than her to represent this sign. I know a lot of Aquarius, my best friend Wendy is Aquarius and I know her since 2013. I know what I'm saying about this sign hahahaha. Eccentric, original, independent, easy going but at the same time cold, unpredictable and overly idealistic. I feel like I'm describing my best friend. Hecate used to be linked to three personalities, she was never the same person. Being a moon goddess, she is inconstant. Adventures, new hobbies and art are the favorite activities of the people of this sign. They never stop doing something and always do something different than normal. It is one of the things I like most.


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I wanted to put Poseidon in Cancer, but it would be too obvious. I'm daughter of Poseidon and water sign. Pisces are dreamy, generous and sooo emotional and temperamental. The god of sea, earthquakes and horses is all of this too. He looks like a good father, and he is, but at the same time he can be another person. Just like the sea, he can be calm, but in a second can be like a storm at sea.

I hope this article has helped you to understand a little more about the Greek signs and gods. These are two very interesting and fun subjects.

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