hi! i hope you’re having a happy monday and a good beginning of the week. today is my first day of my second semester in college and -i will not lie- i’m pretty scared, but also nervous and excited. anyway, here it is: day 10 of the ’30 days writing challenge’.


🌻 day x: write about something you are excited about.

i think that, maybe, with quarantine and covid-19 as the number one focus of this year, i’m just really excited to return to ‘normal’ - seeing my friends and hug them, be with my relatives more often, go for walks and return home tired from being outside. i miss those little things that were ‘normal’ and ordinary. i miss smiling at people and receiving one back. i miss communicating in real life and not through a screen.

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so i think i’m excited for that. for what the future can do for us. i’m excited about celebrating the festivities with my family, all together in a room. go to the cinema with my family and friends. go for a walk and feel the wind in my face. take the opportunity to smile at the people around me. play outside with my brother and not care about if we touch and we get sick.

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i’m excited about my college journey. to be honest, i don’t know what i would do if i wasn’t in college or school right now. the stress and anxiety that comes from it, for some reason, -at the end- it’s kind of nice. a remainder that i’m working on something that i love and care deeply about. i’m excited about meeting new people in every course, say my opinion and read new stories.

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at the end, i’m excited about the little things. those that we feel as ordinary. i’m excited to have them again and, also, improve them and me to be better.

thank you for reading!
i don’t know if this is what everyone expects reading from this day, but i just started writing and didn’t stop until the end.
I hope you understood what I was trying to say, because I have to admit I'm a little distracted with college and my father watching a football game pretty loud.

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