heyy loves<3 I'm so happy that you've decided to read this article. I won't make a big intro, but I read about this meditation in a psychology book and I feel like everyone should know this and at least try it once to see, if it works for them:)

How to start

- Start by finding a nice and calming place that you enjoy being in. To spread good energy you have to recieve it yourself too, so a nice place which makes you happy is a perfect start.
- The way you sit doesn't matter at all:) just make sure you're comfortable, but not too comfortable to fall asleep.

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Step 1

- Breathe in.. While breathing in, imagine all the pain, pressure, sadness others are going through. You can imagine a friend, parents or even a small group of people (like for example: people who lost their job).
- Take all that pain you just got inside you, feel all the negativity and pain you collected from those people and make it go to the center of your heart. Don't hold it too long there, burn it with your love power. Imagine that negativity burning all the way down and breaking into little pieces, that can't affect anyone anymore.

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Step 2

- Breathe out.. Imagine the air that comes out of you is a white light full of protection, peace, love. That light is not for us, but for others. The second it comes out of us, it flies to the person we imagined (or group of people).
- That light is like a shield from negativity, it protects the people we just imagined and makes sure they're protected, loved and cared for and no other negativity can affect them ever again.

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What is it teaching us? Will I find my inner peace?

- It helps us in many ways. First of all, it helps us to understand that we're not alone in this world, everyone has problems, bad days. Also, it makes us more sensitive, increases empathy, helps us to understand other people more and be able to feel what they're feeling. Most importantly, it makes our brain delete the negativity, so we have more space for positive thoughts.

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I hope it helped at least 1 person! T_T I'd be more than happy if anyone tried it out and dm'ed me about their experience ♥

I love you babies <3