hey love,

we watched some of the best films growing up that shaped our childhood so i thought to show you what childhood films shaped my childhood, enjoy :)

1. matilda (1996)

matilda and miss honey image mathilda image
who hasn't seen and wanted the awesome superpowers that matilda had?

2. coraline (2009)

coraline, cake, and candles image aesthetic, coraline, and icon image
the amount of times that i've watched this movie justifies why i like creepy movies today

3. life size (2000)

Lindsey lohan and tyra banks image fashion, freeform, and life size image
this movie was a secret gem, i bet i unlocked a deep memory lodged in the back of your head

4. sky high (2005)

movie, disney, and lash image disney, movie, and sky high image
how could i not put this in, definitely wanted to go to sky high after watching this

5. big fat liar (2002)

00s, 2000s, and big fat liar image 00s, 2000s, and big fat liar image
i feel like everyone forgot about this movie, these kids were fucking smart

6. zathura (2005)

zathura image game, jumanji, and movie image
i'm not surprised if no one knows this movie but this movie started my obsession with sci fi movies, you should go watch it. right now

7. sharkboy & lava girl (2005)

sharkboy and lavagirl image childhood, sharkboy and lavagirl, and shark boy and lava girl image
i'm just gonna leave this here, you know what this is

8. freaky friday (2003)

lindsay lohan, freaky friday, and detention image 2000s, aesthetic, and alternative image
just imagine for a second that your sitting at a chinese restaurant one night and then the next morning you switch bodies with your mom...

9. ponyo (2008)

aesthetic, anime, and cartoon image food, anime, and gif image
the animation, the food, the fact that the girl is a fish with superpowers, it brings back memories

10. the game plan (2007)

family, football, and the game plan image the game plan and disney image
how could you not have seen or heard of this movie

11. meet the robinsons (2007)

future, walt disney, and meet the robinsons image disney, meet the robinsons, and wilbur robinson image
this was easily the most creative movie i saw growing up

12. monster house (2006)

2006, movie, and big time rush image Image removed
this movie scared the fuck out of me

i hope you guys enjoyed this article, and that i maybe unlocked a few old memories deep in your brain, stay safe