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| Mahoutokoro |

✧ House Seiran ✧
abroad, japanese, and international image decoration, japan, and style image aesthetic, girl, and kdrama image feelings, life, and mood image theme, archive, and aesthetic image food image

Colour(s): Slate Grey
Animal: Sika Deer

  • Bold
  • Imaginative
  • Prudent
  • Intuitive
  • Creative

Common Room:

"The common room of House Seiran is located in a wing higher up in the mountaintop castle, featuring a vast observation deck to view the swirling clouds below. The whipping winds beyond the observation glass are silenced, making the view far more stunning. Many students use the view as a calming place to finish work, or a quiet place to sort out thoughts."
- https://mahotokoro.fandom.com/wiki/House_Seiran
✧ House Toppuu ✧
water, aesthetics, and grunge image aesthetic, theme, and archive image home, beautiful, and peaceful image nature image water and hand image beautiful, amazing, and animals image

Colour(s): Sea Green
Animal: Eel

  • Meticulous
  • Quick-witted
  • Perceiving
  • Appreciative
  • Mindful

Common Room:

"The common room of House Toppuu is located in a cliffside overlooking the sea. The crashing of the surf along the outer windows makes the light cast watery shimmers within the common room. The sound of swells against the cliffside have been praised as the reason why those in House Toppuu are rumored to sleep the most comfortably of any house."
- https://mahotokoro.fandom.com/wiki/House_Toppuu

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