Well guys, I became addicted to answering tags here :) so let's go to another one I just found.

inspired by

1. If I could change my name:
I would probably switch to something with a double name or a name that would give me cool nicknames because I'm frustrated about it. Example: Elizabeth (Eliza, Liza, Beth) or Maria Júlia (Maju, Ma, Ju) this one is more common in Brazil.

2. If I could live anywhere:
Probably Portugal or Italy. I have a great fixation for these two countries...

city, lisbon, and vintage image architecture, travel, and building image

3. If I could meet anyone (dead or alive):
I guess Dakota Johnson because why not, right? and Niall fucking Horan because omg look at this man, not to mention how funny and fun he can be.

dakota johnson, girl, and icon image niall horan image

4. If I could travel anywhere:
Switzerland or San Francisco

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5. If I could stay any age forever:
I think I would like to be 25 years old forever. I'm 22 but I don't know why it seems like a good age.

That's it, stay safe, wash your hands and wear a mask!