Here is the second article from the series “Get better”.

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Once you’ve started doing something for yourself, you have already taken the biggest step. You have now entered in the mood of becoming the main character of your life.
The second step requires... thinking
- yes, I know... we all hate that because it forces us to realize things we keep hidden (even from ourselves) BUT
it’s necessary, so get used to that because the sooner you realize you are the one that stops you from reaching your happiness, the sooner you’ll actually be happy.

it’s all in your head - remember that.

Here are some tips to help you connect with your mind and your thoughts:


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Writing is one of the most effective way of getting to know your mind. You could start by simply writing how you feel or you could keep track of your days/experiences/feelings in a journal. (I am going to write an article with more information about this).


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Reading will allow you to understand and see things that sometimes we simply can’t. It will help you relax, reduce stress and sleep better too.


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I believe that music is directly connected with our inner self and mind: listen to some relaxing music or listen to something that will allow you to focus on your feelings and thoughts.


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Take a shower and allow your thoughts to flow like the water running down your body, relax your muscles, breathe in and then breathe out.

Car ride

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Something that has always helped me when I needed to think or relax was taking a car ride. Sit back, let your hands wave out of the window and the air caress your skin.


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Meditate will help you focusing on the present and on your thoughts. It will make you aware of every part of your body and, of course, it will help you relax!
Remember not to ignore your feelings, don’t numb them. Instead, embrace and understand them.

This is the key for your mental health.
I am here for you. I am rooting for you.

Here is the third article: