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I wrote an article like this yesterday for paris, so check that out if you want :)
I find writing these articles really fun and plan on writing a few more. I like putting outfits together and have a bunch of different styles so these articles are super fun to write for me.

outfit 1

Image by Private User theme, rp, and unfiltered image necklace, gold, and jewelry image beige, shoes, and sneakers image

outfit 2

outfit and fashion image shoes, fashion, and black image Image removed aesthetic, earrings, and jewelry image

outfit 3

Image removed aesthetic, archive, and bag image fashion image accessories, butterfly, and earrings image

outfit 4

aesthetic, beige, and brown image aesthetic, hair, and girl image shoes, fashion, and Balenciaga image nails and aesthetic image

outfit 5

clothes, outfit, and kfashion image fashion, shoes, and sneakers image grunge, minimal, and pale image hair, aesthetic, and asian image

thank you for reading! I really really appreciate it!

I had a lot of fun writing the article. it was super fun for me to write. I always felt like that seoul was a soft and professional city. I always see people from there where pastel and soft colors or professional-ish outfits.

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