༺ Day Ten - Write Some Advice on Any Topic ༻

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Hey y'all,

I am trying to get back on track with this challenge, and when I read today's my mind went blank. Then it hit me, I can talk about how to motivate yourself to work out, apply for that job or to go back to school feeling more enthusiastic.


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It can be hard to change a daily routine all of a sudden, especially when one is being quarantined, but it can be done!
Set a goal and write it down in a journal, dress the part, make it your wallpaper, create a dream board, whatever the goal is make it visible.

By seeing the goal every day, you will not only be reminded to actually work for it, but it will also be a reminder of the reason why you are doing this.

Just Do It

Now on the tough part, taking an initiative. It can be hard sometimes to take the first step because either negative thoughts begin to cloud your mind or obstacles begin to appear out of nowhere.

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Applying for a job

  • Go in person and ask if they are hiring
  • Search online
  • Ask family and friends
  • Work on resume
  • Get experience by volunteering
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Working Out

  • Watch Youtube videos
  • Search for exercises on Pinterest
  • Change eating habits
  • Consider changing your daily routine (ex: take the stairs instead of the elevator)
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Saving up Money

  • Create a savings account
  • Get a piggy bank
  • Prioritize expenses
  • Compare prices
  • Look for discounts
  • Search for Coupons
  • Go thrifting or attend garage sales
  • Limit yourself from going out or ordering fast food
I'm just throwing out ideas.
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Overall, be your #1 fan and push yourself to be the best version of yourself. Only you know your dreams and your limit, and I wish you the best loves.

xoxo - FatHuert