Stress plays an important role in our lives, it's vital to know how to unwind in order to be able to relax. I've enlisted a few methods I find helpful.
Hope they work for you!


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This is one of the methods I use the most. Depending on my mood I listen to a different genre. Try to forget what is wrong and focus more on your energy. You can lay down, dance, whatever suits you the most.


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Online or physical format, find something you enjoy and take your mind away from problems.


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Visualize your needs, focus on your priorities, don't let anything come across them.


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Go on a walk, running, yoga, anything that can help you to keep your mind off things and put your stress aside. Instead of giving negative vibes, put your mind on something more productive.

tea, coffee

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Have a warm drink, this can help you to unwind. I usually do this at the end of the day.

Take time for yourself.

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