Hello Hearters! Welcome back to another article in my Fall/Halloween Article Series. One of my favorite things to is to change the background wallpaper on my phone. I picked out some photos that I think are perfect for Fall wallpapers that I sorted into different categories related to the autumn season. Hope you enjoy!

I also want to mention this app that I use called Pic Collage where you can save some of these photos to your camera roll and then make your own collage with them or use of of their templates to create your own unique wallpaper.

1. Scenery:

autumn and fall image autumn, fall, and nature image autumn, fall, and house image autumn, fall, and leaves image autumn, leaves, and fall image Temporarily removed

2. Pumpkins:

autumn, fall, and nature image pumpkin, fall, and Halloween image food, Halloween, and mini image Halloween and pumpkin patch image pumpkin, october, and fall image aesthetic, Halloween, and pretty image


Image by Rachel easel, extra, and Halloween image Inspiring Image on We Heart It fall, autumn, and leaves image cozy, Halloween, and leaves image coffee, leaves, and november image

4. Food:

autumn, baking, and food image apple, autumn, and fall image Image removed Apple Pie image baking, fall, and pumpkin image autumn, apple, and fall image

5. Decorations:

Halloween image Halloween, autumn, and decoration image autumn, Halloween, and fall image bat, ghost, and Halloween image decor, Halloween, and hocus pocus image Halloween, pumpkins, and autumn image

6. Vintage Halloween:

grunge, Halloween, and leaves image demon, evil, and Halloween image autumn, car, and forest image autumn, autumnal, and beautiful image carved, celebration, and costume image fall, Halloween, and autumn image

7. Animals:

dog, animal, and autumn image осень, кот, and мило image autumn, fall, and animal image Image by Karlijn animal, orange, and wildlife image autumn, animal, and nature image

8. Miscellaneous:

autumn, fall, and leaves image autumn, coffee, and candle image Halloween, pumpkin, and autumn image autumn, fall, and leaves image Temporarily removed leaves, photography, and autumn image

9. My Own Autumn PicCollage:

Image by jewelsyqueen

As always hope you enjoyed!!!