Writing can prove to be an escape from real life. You create something entirely your own, give yourself some space to wander off. Yet, what starts as an exciting idea often results into unfinished drafts and folders filled with character files. This, of course, comes from a twenty something with multiple unfinished stories, spread over years of trial and errors. I've only ever finished one story - and now looking back at it, I realise I finished it out of fear of leaving one more story untold.

This article is an attempt to figure out ways to remain inspired, to not lose the enthusiasm of new adventures.

I. Read

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The best way to get inspired, is to get lost in other people's stories. Search the limits, find new ways to create tension or plot twists, lose yourself in the adventure. Don't be afraid to venture off into new genres and learn from other authors.

II. Spend time alone

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Don't be afraid to let your thoughts wander. Use your time alone to daydream and create stories in your mind. You could do this whilst driving your car or when you're grocery shopping, when tanning, when strolling. With or without music is your own choice, but use the opportunity to let your thoughts explore the possibilities.

III. Explore hobbies

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Try something new or return to old hobbies you forgot you loved. Never forget that the best inspiration comes from the things you know. To create an honest and meaningful piece of fiction, it never hurts to venture off into other creative or relaxing pass-times.

IV. Use a thesaurus

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The best way to learn new things is to actively search for them. If you find your writing bland and boring, use a thesaurus to find synonyms and antonyms and broaden your vocabulary. Sometimes the use of certain words, can start an chain of inspiration.

V. Failure & Mistakes

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This last tip doesn't mean that even though you will fail, with enough courage and determination, you will finish the book you intend to write. It's more practical than that. Are you stuck in your story, finding yourself unable to continue the plot? Let things go wrong. Don't give your characters everything they desire simply because they wish to. Make them. Give them setbacks and problems; let them get caught, turn ill at the worst time imaginable, let them be lied to, let a revelation of their past change the character's point of view... The possibilities are endless.