Over the last few months, while museums & galleries have been closed, I’ve been living vicariously through the pictures I’ve taken over the years of my favourite institutions around London.

Now, slowly but surely, museums & galleries are starting to open again & I’m over the moon to be able to start thinking about resuming my visits.

So, over on https://foxandviolets.com/, I'm doing a series on my Top 5 Museum & Galleries & sharing my favourite photos of them too.

The first, coming in at number 5 is The William Morris Gallery.


What I like about the gallery is its effective use of space because while it’s on the smaller side the collection is really well displayed & designed. The staff are also very welcoming & informative which in addition to the gallery being in his family home creates quite an intimate experience which works very well.

The cafe also serves the best chai latte & banana bread I've ever had!

If you also like cute little areas then Walthamstow Village is the best as there are so many pretty spots.


Go check out the full post & follow the series here: https://foxandviolets.com/2020/08/10/my-top-5-museums-amp-galleries-no-5-the-william-morris-gallery/

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