Hi everyone!
I’m one of the new writers of this team and in this article I’ll introduce myself to all of you guys!

My name is Serena, you may know me as @evilprinxes on we heart it and I’m 16 years old. I live in the south of Italy, and even if in the future I would like to travel around the world and maybe live in another city, a piece of my heart will always belong there.

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Yes, this is Naples, my city

For me writing is like giving a piece of my heart to every reader and showing my real self to the world. Writing for me is also about helping other people, opening your heart to them and sharing everything that’s inside my head and my soul, that’s why I will never stop doing this.

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I’m an ambitious girl, that’s why I really have a lot of goals for my future. I would like to study abroad or in another Italian city, and then I would like to become a writer, a journalist or a film director.

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My favorite tv shows are ‘Anne with an E’ because it really shows a lot of important issues and the characters are literally amazing and ‘Hollywood’ because it shows how the world could have been if the cinema industry listened to minorities.

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My favorite books are the Harry Potter saga and the ones by John Green, because they really have the power to speak to my heart and soul.

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Fun facts about me:
-Legend has it that I have a song for literally every word of the dictionary. For example if one of my friends says a word while talking, I will sing a song with that word in it. And yes, my friends think that it’s annoying, but they love me anyway.

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-I daydream way to much. They should give me an Oscar for the quality of the movies I make in my head.

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-I always give the best love advice but when it comes to me I’m really shy and I don’t know what to do. I’m that kind of friend that gives love advice even if she’s single.

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I will write an article for the Honey club every Sunday so stay tuned!
I send you lots of love,