I've realized I haven't done a get to know me tag for my we heart it blog. I think its time for all my followers to get to know about me just a little bit. I've been hiding who I am for a few years now, but its time to embrace everything about me (little by little on here as well as within the world).
Thank you to all of my followers on we heart it for supporting me, following me, and so much more so this one is for you.

1. What is your first name and what does it mean?
My first name is Beatrice and it means she who brings happiness, a bringer of joy as well as also means blessed.

2. What is your eye color?

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3. When is your birthday month?

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4. What season were you born in?

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5. What is your zodiac sign/ star sign?

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6. What is your favorite time of the day?

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7. Do you have any nicknames?
Yes I do. My nicknames include B, Bee, & Bea.

8. What's your favorite holiday?

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I LOVE everything about Christmas <3

9. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

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It depends actually like for example, when I meet someone for the first time I'm an introvert, but once I become close to someone I tend be myself around them more and soon I'm an extrovert around them. If I'm myself around you/comfortable, consider yourself lucky. Plus I also I love being alone too. Basically I'm an ambivert.

10. On a scale of 1-10 how funny would you say you are?
I would say 8 tbh I be cracking myself up most of the time.

11. What is your favorite color or colors?

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I like bright colors and rainbow but my favorite colors are pink and purple.

12. What is the last movie that you saw at the cinema?

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Bad Boys for life. I watched this film before quarantine ofc with some of my closest friends. It was a good movie mixed with several emotions.

13. What was your first ever cell phone?

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I got my first purple flip phone in 6th grade.

14. Are you a good cook or baker?

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I'm both a good cook and baker. Huge thanks to my mom and Food Network recipes.

15. How many siblings do you have?

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I have 3 siblings (2 brothers, and one sister).

16. Do you believe in God or other supernatural things?

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I believe in God and LOVE God! God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.

17. What’s your favorite fashion trend?

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I like all seasonal (fall, winter, spring, and summer) fashion trends tbh. I really love sweater weather, skirts, shorts, ripped jeans, dresses, cute blouses, flower crowns, hoop earrings, crop tops, and more.

18. Why do you love Beyoncé?

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I love Beyoncé! I literally grew up with Beyoncé listening to her music and singing along as well as with Destiny's child. I love how her songs connects with her fans throughout the world as well as how she empowers and inspires so many people with her music. Beyoncé shows how important it is to celebrate who you are in every shape and form despite what others may think of that and in doing so she inspires others to do the same which is so amazing.

19. If you got a fashion deal contract tomorrow, how would you respond?

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I would be so surprised and shocked tbh, but I will be so happy and I will take the fashion deal contract ofc (because representation matters) while still pursuing my other goals in life.

20. Would you rather spend time traveling the world or spend time modeling?

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I would spend my time modeling because I can be able to do what I love to do which is model as well as traveling the world because models travel a lot too. So its like 2 in 1 because I get to model and models travel too.

21. Do you have a large family or a small family?

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I have a large family so huge. I have family across the globe. I also consider my friends family too.

22. What do you love about yourself?

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It's been a journey but I have so much further to go but I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT MYSELF. I love the way I smile, laugh, make myself and the people around me laugh, love my beautiful chocolate skin, love my natural African hair, love my personality, my body, and so much more. I've started to embrace everything about me instead of hiding like I usually do and its been amazing so far.

Thanx for all the support and love for the past 6 years. Hope all of my beautiful followers and fellow we hearters are safe and continue to dream big.