Hello, loves! Today I'm back as you see... I want to do more fun articles so, if you have any ideas you want to see please let me know... Let's start the article shall we...

Dream Location
My dream location definitely is New York City or Los Angelos... There is something special about big cities and I just love it. I have always had a week spot for New York City and I definitely would love to live there.

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Dream Home
I would love to have a small, comfy house. Not too big because I personally like more of a small house than really big mansions. A house with little cute backyard.

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For a relationship, there is not a lot to say. I want something real, someone, I can trust and someone I could make crazy, cute memories with, someone who is spontaneous and adventurous. A relationship like a movie with a perfect ending. Cooking together, dancing in our little house at 2 am, late-night drives.

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Little cute friend group... Making amazing memories, trusting each other, being there for each other... People who will always stick by your side... Those friendships that last lifetime...

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Travel Destination
Not just one, I want to travel the world... So every place I can

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Well, I would like to paint and play the piano as a hobby.

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Career Goals
As of right, I would love to be a model one day... That's my biggest dream of all time..

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Thank you for reading
Xoxo Beth
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