Name: Persephone 'Effie' Hargreeves
Codename: The Fairy
Number: Eight | 8
Birthdate: 1 October 1989


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short brown hair, brown eyes with amber tones and small stature


Image by tenderlygirl quotes, art, and beauty image quotes, places, and sad image invisible, quotes, and Anne Hathaway image
Effie is a dreamer but too shy to be true she wants to be socially invisible as much as possible, she thinks time with everything and everyone should be enjoyed and admired as much as possible.


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Persephone manipulates nature by growing or even attacking bees on their opponents. With use for a long time or with something extra-dynamically large it can cause tiredness of her mind and body. A consequence of its power is its age to be slowed down and its health to be almost perfect just close to a lot of pollution and smoke it can be smelling bad.


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Dance, sing, cook, look at social media


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the effie room (single bed)

During The Academy: Effie arrived shortly after the first seven when she was three and her grandparents died and her mother contacted Sir. Reginald who had been going to them when Effie was born but her grandparents denied selling her granddaughter because it was their 'miracle'.

Upon arriving at the academy, she was placed with her brothers with a nanny who taught all the rules of the house and started to train. Effie was very shy around her brothers but over time she approached them. She hated having to go on a mission and always have almost the same routine and always went to the roof to feel better.

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the favorite quote

After The Academy: When her brothers started to walk away and leave the academy she finally got up the courage to live her life as she really wanted to. Effie traveled the world and creating her music with her feelings and soul, she really likes to post her musical productions with her pseudonym ''Lotus'' and known in the world of music with ''Mysterious singer''.

When your father died, Sir. Reginald, she was in Greece but she got on the plane immediately after she heard the news, it was the last one to get home. Her brothers and sisters almost didn't believe it when they saw her mainly because she cut her hair, which was long and she loved the long hair.


00.01: Luther, The Spaceboy
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Luther and Effie are not so close mainly because he always feels entitled to blame her and the brothers for leaving but he doesn't hate him, I mean, they are brothers.
00.02: Diego, The Kraken
Image by 𝐀𝐫𝐚𝐛𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐚 knife, alternative, and black image
Diego and Effie are body training partners, he always helped with their positions and using their small body as advantages in fights. He always protected her on missions and she is extremely grateful to him.
00.03: Allison, The Rumor
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Alisson and Effie were not so close but they talk about some feminine problems. When the two returned to the academy, they came closer as sisters.
00.04: Klaus, The Seance
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Klaus and Effie got close with the time at the academy mainly after Ben's death, he was the first to notice if something was wrong with her and she was trying to help him to be sober. They liked to watch the sky at night when he accompanied her to the roof. She remained in contact with him after she left.
00.05: Five, The Boy
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Five and Effie liked each other even though five had a strange way of showing it, before they disappeared they studied and read together with very different tastes in literature.
00.06: Ben, The Horror
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Ben and Effie were very close, he was the first to approach her when he arrived at the Academy. He always made her laugh when she was discouraged and when they teamed up with Klaus to enjoy some of the childhood left over. After his death, it took her a long time to feel happy again.
00.07: Viktor, The White Violin
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Vicktor has always been an equation for Effie, but he's always tried to be kind and gentle with him. When he played his violin, Effie always danced to the beat. Something just for them.


"Life is like a garden, we have our flowers that are our scars. Scars make us who we are now"
" I look straight?"
"I swear if you all don't stop fighting, I put a flower in each mouth"
"Okay ... Klaus what did you put in my tea? I'm seeing Five in front of me, this is not normal"
"So you mean we're going to die? Well .. shit"
"Klaus, I believe you."
"Fuck, the moon is..."
"since we are going to die, and it is not a good time but i will not have another chance... I think I'm pregnant"

Love Interest

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single, but she is sexually and romantically attracted to anyone.

I did this tag a little late but I ended the season 2 and I didn't hold back to do it. Sorry for any mistakes, English is not my first language. Probably, there will be a part 2 for season 2.