inspired by @nimthiriel

1. Who do you love more? Mom or Dad?
my dad is a very complicated man, and he does a lot of stupid things. my mom isn’t really better though, they’re both a little bit… special? not in a mean way, they just didn’t know any better and birthed me way too young. we never had a good relationship, they were extremely toxic in the past, but i think they’re slowly catching up. we have some relapses sometimes where they completely loose it, but they start to get it. regardless, i love my mom more. i can say this with confidence, because she voices it more and that’s what i need to understand that someone loves me.

2. If you could kill someone without getting caught, would you?
no. i couldn't live with myself, i have a lot of empathy and knowing that someone died because of me would break me.

3. Are you a bad person?
literally speaking, yes? i did some illegal things, i drive a lot faster than i should, i smoked before i was legal, did some other things…
morally, no. i think it's because of my parents, they frightened me so much as a child, how unbelievably horrible it’d be to do bad things, or to be bad.
i’m simply too scared to be bad.

4. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
my mind. i’d like to think about myself as better, have a nicer view of my body and appearance.

5. Would you get married to somebody of the same gender?
if i’m in love with them enough, i would.

6. Would you die for someone you love?

7. Would you have sex with somebody of the same gender?
i already had, and while it wasn’t the best ever, i would do it again.

8. What do you identify as?
gender - female, mentally - braindead

9. What colour is better - black or white?
i’ve learned to like white a lot more than i used to, but i prefer black.

10. Death by water or fire?
i have a very irrational fear of burning to death, but at the same time i’m so unbelievably scared of deep waters… if i could, i would shoot myself before any of the other happened.

11. What do you think of yourself?
not very highly, that’s for sure

12. Have you ever been addicted to something?
physically cigarettes, mentally… ?

13. Have you ever gotten drunk?
this is probably a very eastern-austrian thing to say, but i miss getting drunk with friends and yelling to music in the background, staying up until the sun rises and sitting outside to watch it.

14. Have you ever done drugs?
more than i’d like to admit.

15. Have you ever dealt with an eating disorder?
luckily not, and i’m very grateful for that.

16. Is it easier to forgive or forget?
for me, to forgive. i’m very fast at it, the moment someone stutters out a half-assed apology i’m already not mad anymore.

17. Have you ever stolen a street sign?
i really want to if i’m honest.

18. Would you ever strip or pose for a nude magazine?
i don’t think my body is fit enough for that.

19. Are you sarcastic?

20. Have you ever been in love?
i am currently, and i couldn’t wish for a better person to be in love with.

21. Have you ever had plastic surgery?

22. Do you want plastic surgery?
i recently changed my mind about this, for the longest time i wanted breast implants, but I’ve come to accept them now.

23. Do you want kids?
if i got one now, no. if i got one at 28, yes, i would keep it. but i wouldn’t try for one.

24. Have you ever eaten even the smallest piece of paper?
i- what?

25. Do you miss anyone right now?

26. Introvert or extrovert?
huge introvert

27. What do you do when you like someone?
i’m too awkward to do anything mostly, that’s why it took me so long to be in a relationship.
platonically, i act like myself. if they don’t like me, we wouldn’t have been good friends anyways.

28. Money or fame?
money. i wouldn’t want to be famous, but i’d take the money.

29. Asking questions or answering questions?
i’d rather just listen.

30. Would you rather marry someone who you don't love but they love you back or marry someone who you love but doesn't love you back?
i couldn’t live with either.

31. Is cheating bad?
cheating is one of the worst things to do, in my opinion. you’re hurting your partner on purpose, for no other reason than you felt like it.

32. Are you in a relationship?
yes, a very loving one.

33. If you could cheat without getting caught, would you?
no, never.

34. Trump or Hillary?
i’m not from America, so thankfully i don’t have to choose either.

35. Life or death?
death means rebirth, the start of something new, and i think that’s beautiful.