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name: Visenya
age: 75 (born 1955)
gender: female
sexuality: bisexual
ethnicity&nationality: russian/american
The Witch
Bridget Stark
Mila Zhar


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green eyes, 5'4, long black hair, taned skin, no muscle, curvy, no defined abs


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positive traits

  • kind
  • compassionate
  • loyal
  • adaptive
  • passionate

neutral traits

  • stubborn
  • ambitious
  • cunning
  • adventurous
  • bold

negative traits

  • bitter
  • vengeful
  • prideful
  • short tempered
  • cruel


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Azur-Pyrokinesis: generation and manipulation of blue fire
aesthetic image metallic, wallpaper, and gold image
Ferrokinesis: manipulation of metals
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Magnetic Field Manipulation: create force fields and fly by manipulating earths magnetic fields
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Electrokinesis: generation and manipulation of electricity
ice and hands image ice image
Cryokinesis: generation and manipulation of ice

- expert hand to hand combat
- expert in using her powers to fight
- amazing cook
- talented musician
- can sing
- yoga
- sking


Daughter of Howard Stark and an unknown women. Raised by HYDRA to be a weapon. Her and her brothers endured 60 years of enslavement, but after Lily fell pregnant with James' child they planned to escape.

As HYDRA expanded into space they wanted more control and found of taking power by marrying girls off to kings and then killing the kings having HYDRA seize power.
Visenya was sent to marry King Doain of Losc, a viscous man with a hunger for power. His sadistic tendencies and the plants slave trade enraged Visenya.
After her marriage to King Doain she murded him as he slept and took power of Losc.

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After her marriage to King Doain she murded him as he slept and took power of Losc.
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Instead of handing over power of Losc to HYDRA she keep control and freed the plants slaves, earning her tittle breaker of chains.
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The powerful and loyal army of Losc supported the siblings plan for freedom. James and Sebastian's army's aswell formed a formidable empire capable of destroying HYDRA. Upon their escape they created Spectre, an organisation to keep themselves safe.

After meeting tony she became a honorary avenger.

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lily// best friends/ best friends, loved each other, Visenya both times cried when she found out lily was pregnant
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Olivia(16) and emma(6)// nieces / very close relationship, adore each other and always honest
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bucky barnes//boyfriend/ dating, in love
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tony stark//half-brother/ very close, consider each other family


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her fighting uniform, covers her face completely

- hates driving
- only wears gold jewellery
- scared of snakes
- prefers not to use guns

"fuck off"
"that's what she said"
"i will rip your heart out you clown"