Hello everyone!! I hope everyone is staying safe right now, staying home, and wearing masks.
Name: Nic
DOB: 11/20/03
I have moved to back to Arizona and it is very hot rn it's terrible. I'm now a junior!! but i'm doing school online for a bit just to see how things work out. I now have black medium length hair with blonde underneath and dark blue on the 2 front pieces. I have 2 dogs and a fish my dogs names are Sebastian and Harley and my fishes name is Oliver.
K-pop, painting, anime, marine life

My favorite groups are Ateez, The Rose, Wayv, and Blackpink.

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Favorite anime is Attack on Titan

snk, mikasa, and mikasa ackerman image

Favorite marine animal is a shark

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Song: The Answer AB6IX, Reveal The Boyz, DUMDi DUMDi (G)-idle, and Holo Lee Hi.
Youtuber: CoreyXKenshin
Read: If you knew her and The Fifth Wave
Show:Welcome to Wakiki and The Walking Dead
That's everything!! Thanks for 4k followers!! Stay safe everyone and wear mask please. :)