Answer the next questions and find out if you really reeeeally like whoever you doubt you love.
It's okay to double guess your feelings, especially if you've been hurt before.
This are the things that helped me figure out if I was really in love with this guy.
(I am really in love with this guy)

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1. Do you think of them when you hear a song that gives you chills?

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You know, those type of songs that just make time stop and, for a tiny second, you feel inmortal.

2. Do you feel butterflies when you kiss them?

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Do sparks fly when you kiss?

3. Are they your first thought in the morning and your last at night?

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Points added if you fall asleep on face time with them

4. Do you smile at their texts?

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Honstly you're screwed if you smile or laugh at their texts...

5. Have you thought of spending your lives together? (like seriously)

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It's okay to say no.

Hopefully this helped you :))))
Obviously don't take these questions suuuper seriously, they're just some of the things I experience with this boyy.
Did they help you? Pls tell me if they did, quarantine is making me go mad, and I could use more friends <33