So I've literally just finished S2 and I figured what better way to celebrate then making an article with my OC's, so here I am, prepare for a long one... enjoy!

The Norms

Name: Jayden, Kayden
Number: 11
Code Names: The Icicle, Phoenix
Birthday: 12/25/1995 Capricorn


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Jayden & Kayden Hargreeves

Their Wardrobe

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completely impulsive, a stoner, family (mostly his twin brother) first, very nonchalant, rude af to anyone not family.


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more mature then his brother, very sensitive but with a strong mindset, the innocent type.


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pansexual af

Powers; Kayden

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controls the element of water, can freeze.

Powers; Jayden

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his code name isn't Phoenix for nothing, blue fire which is hotter is his specialty.

Favorite Siblings; Kayden

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Favorite Siblings; Jayden

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number five
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Back Story

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Jayden and Kayden were born 6 years after those from 89. They were neglected as children so they were they only ones able to look out for each other, specifically Jayden to Kayden. Even though Jayden was born 4 minutes after Kayden, he's taken the big brother role and has only ever cared for him, still does. Mr. Hargreeves stumbled upon them by chance, he was captured by how even though they were identical, they controlled polar opposite powers, after offering money to their neglectful mother they've lived a much better life and successfully pushed through Mr. Hargreeves hard training.

Aesthetic; Jayden

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Aesthetic; Kayden

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