Hi everyone!

It seems pretty odd to continue the thirty challenge that I stopped doing two years ago. But I decided to finish what I started and find a new way to get into writing.

Now there can be a huge list of people who inspire me in different ways, but I must focus on one. This will sound selfish, but it is myself that inspires me.

Back when I began writing articles, I was a freshman in college and I thought it was a good mechanism to express my feelings and thoughts as I worked through college, but I struggled deeply in being honest with myself, I was quick to give up, and I criticized myself in different ways. But as I pushed myself forward, it did not become easier to feel proud or to not give up, it became harder. It became harder because I made it harder and never truly believed in myself. I am a rising senior in college and have only one semester to graduate and it took me a long time to feel proud of myself, and to stop being toxic to myself. I had many wonderful people to thank, but it was me who decided to put the work into loving myself and to realize the accomplishments I made.

I turned mistakes into lessons and with those lessons I used them as motivation to push myself and feel good about myself. I am proud to see how far I have come into not only my college career, but in life. It still is a work in progress, but it feels good to realize I am not in square one where I was so toxic to myself that I felt negative energy. Years from now I can look back at my accomplishments and this mere thirty day challenge to see how much I have grown and become an inspiration to someone one day.

Thank you and I hoped you enjoyed reading this!