Sneakers are undoubtedly my favorite type of footwear and there are so many reasons why! They're comfortable, versatile, super cute, easy to pair with any outfit, and there are so many unique styles to chose from. You can never have to many pairs of sneakers in your possession either. Here are some current sneaker trends to help guide in choosing the perfect pair of shoes next time you go shopping.


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Nail this bold and stylish trend by having the same color laces, soles, and everything else. Take your look a step further by wearing matching socks as well!


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It never ceases to amazing with how creative people are getting with their sneakers! Add your own personal touch to your shoes by painting on designs that reflect who you are or what you like.

New Vintage

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History really does repeat itself with this sneaker trend. Get the retro look by going for vans, converse, or brand name sneaker classics.

Color Blocking

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Catch everyone's eye with this trend by having several different colors all in one shoe. With so many colors in one sneaker, matching them with any outfit will be a breeze!

Chunky Silhouette

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I'm sure most of you have already noticed this sneaker trend by now but it's here to stay and is actually catching on more. While some people may think these shoes are too much, dress them down with jeans and sweatpants for a sporty and fashion-forward look.


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What's the fun in having boring shoes? Hop on this trend by added fun charms, patches, shoe laces, and beads to your sneakers. The best part is, you don't even have to spend your money on new shoes to achieve this playfully cute look.

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