hi! I hope that you're doing well and happy. I hope that you have a great day or night.

I have seen some articles that are 'cities as outfits' but I wanted to get more in depth for the cities I want to do. I'm going to be writing articles like this for other cities too.

outfit 1

Image removed outfit image style, aesthetic, and fashion image ankle boot, black, and boots image

outfit 2

fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image black, aesthetic, and shoes image aesthetic, art, and classy image bag, black, and fashion image

outfit 3

fashion image fashion, black, and outfit image accessories, aesthetic, and fashion image aesthetic, fashion, and shoes image

outfit 4

Temporarily removed Image by Deja Temporarily removed bag, fashion, and accessories image

thank you for reading! I just realized how neutral the outfits were. I was hoping to have some more softer colors like red, purples, and greens but I couldn't find anything that I liked and that I also matched. I think I'm just more drawn toward neutral colors because that is my favorite color palette. I hope you didn't mind the lack of color because I feel like paris would have some more color haha.

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