You needed words didn’t you?

You just wanted me to say something
Give you some type of reassurance
Tell you that I wasn’t leaving

That I loved you
I only wanted you

You needed my words

I understand

But I think you fail to realize that I did everything you asked

I told you I loved you everyday

I reassured you
Even when I was the one that needed reassuring

I told you how important you were
How you were worth millions of stars

I begged you to let me love you
I pleaded until you accepted
And I never faltered

So tell me why
Why is it that I provide what you need
I give in
I have learned your love language…

But it’s not good enough

I didn’t do it for fun
I did it out of love

Because I knew you
I thought I did

I said those words and meant them
I held on to them like you did
I needed you to believe me

But you didn’t

Those words were once the very breath that I depended on for life
Because if you lost yours
If you stopped breathing…
What was the point?

But it wasn’t enough

And it didn’t matter until I stopped

Once I stopped giving in,
Once I stopped trying to make you believe me
Once I stopped saying those words

The guilt started

- If what I was doing was working,
Why didn’t it seem to matter to you until I stopped doing it ?