Hi, here are some of my favorite playlist that I've made.

follow my spotify (https://open.spotify.com/user/f4y5bsxnqdm11ov4e548cwzfv?si=ICvXBJ9oRe2P3-iyI4mENw). hope you like them :)

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these are indie songs but these playlist are very different. as indie as it gets and summer montage... are more an indie pop and sense of home is indie folk.

as indie as it gets. rex orange county, wallows, khalid, tame impala, dayglow...

sense of home. juke ross, hollow coves, novo amor, bright eyes...

summer montage to listen to in the car with the windows down. no explanation needed.

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my favorites jazz songs. i'll be adding more soon.

the more you know. louis armstrong, michael bublé, frank sinatra, ella fitzgerald...

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kinda TRAP and R&B

very basic trap, rap and r&b songs.

anotha one. drake, post malone, bryson tyler, travis scott, the weeknd, hoodie allen, j cole...

created on '14 going strong. drake, big sean, g-eazy, nicki minaj...