hi! we find ourselves in day nine of the ’30 days writing challenge’. today i present to you a list of my five favorite drinks and food. i don’t know what will come out from this so, it will be fun.


🌻 day ix: make a list of your five favorite drinks/food.

vanilla scented coffee / vanilla latte

my all time favorite drink in the whole world. i love hot drinks but coffee, alone, is really strong and with vanilla - i don’t know why, but it’s the best thing in the world.
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italian food

i mean: pasta, pizza, and more. that’s literally all i eat.
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i’m not really good with sweet food, but this one is my weakness. every time that i can i buy myself a piece of it. just a piece because it’s too much for me.
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i was not a huge fan of tea before this year. but for some reason, this few months have been a way for me to discover the sweetness and calm that brings a nice cup of tea in the afternoon or at the sunset.
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my favorite summer drink. i don’t have anymore things to say about this one - it’s just.. such a pleasure.
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thank you for reading!
i wasn’t really into this article while i was writing it, but i hope that tomorrow’s article might be more fun. can’t wait to post again, see you soon!

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