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- I think I love myself a little bit more everyday.
- Over the years, all I've realized is that an oops is better than a what if.
- I fight for having this smile everyday.
- Elegance is the key.


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- If the first thing, people see, isn't how much I shine, it means I'm doing something wrong.
- High heels are the most sexist things the men ever created.
- I am here if you need me.


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- I smoke for making free the devil inside me.
- The charming prince is not needed here. You can go to find your silly Cinderella.
- I will never forgive myself for forgot how to be happy.
- You are just a piece of shit like everyone else.


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- You should know that you are perfect to me, completely.
- Sometimes is hard to want to stay alive, in these moments I start to drive away to another reality.
- If you know how I see myself, you would understand my scars.


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- If you really want me, you have to fight.
- Mystery is my second name.
- You're exactly where you want to be. If you weren't, you would not be here, right?
- Stop making excuses and do something, for God's sake!