When we're young, we always read about magic, fairies, witches etc. We would go to our backyard and pick flowers and leaves and grab dirt and put them in a bowl with water, mix it up, and call it a potion. Ever since a very young age we were fascinated by everything magical. Sometimes at a very young age we find out that witchcraft, magic, etc. do really exist! That can sometimes be figured out with the internet or a friend telling us.

I was around nine years old when I started reading and watching videos about witchcraft. I loved learning about it! So I figured I would try it for myself. This isn't exactly a bad thing. I had a crush on a boy so I made a "love potion." Of course, nothing happened. When I first turned ten, for by birthday I got crystals and a guide on how to use them for meditation and stuff. If you're wondering what it is it's called The Magic of Crystals and I'm not sure where I got it. I started using them and everything was fun and fresh until somehow, I really don't know how, a negative spirit got attached to me. This sucked because I had no idea how to get rid of it. A few months later I told my mom about this spirit. I was explaining how I felt it didn't want me speaking about it or bringing it up. The night I told my mom that was the worst night ever, my mom told me not to worry and said were gonna get rid of the spirit. Then all of a sudden we heard loud bangs coming from my bedroom. Both of my cats were outdoors together and my hamster was not at all able to make these noises... We heard growling and hissing coming from the hallway. We were both very scared.

Everything is super fun and fresh nowadays but the moral of this article is that you shouldn't practice witchcraft until you have researched protection and all that jazz. Also not to start witchcraft at a young age no matter what.
Thanks for reading! Have a great day!