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We all have a best friend, a partner, a sibling we're very close to or a very good relationship with your parents. And more!

This is all very precious and should not be taking for granted -- and sometimes you want to show them how much they mean to you but not always you can express it personally.

So, today I want to list a few cheap, cute & little surprise ideas for your loved ones - to remind them how much you love them!

Let's get started!

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No. 1 - Notes

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There you can write so many things down, a few ideas:

  • a cute & personalized definition of their name or of the kind of your relationship (best friends, siblings, etc.)
  • Some things you love about them (include things they feel insecure about to boost their confidence!)
  • A funny, precious or unforgettable memory
  • "I love you" or any cute phrase in different languages
  • A very short but touching poem
  • A little illustration of you that portrays a sweet moment

... and more! Be creative!

No. 2 - Letters

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It's simple and kind of classy (and for some even cheesy) but it definitely shows the love and thought you put in your letter. Believe me, if you take your time, the reader will feel it.

A few ideas:

  • Love letters
  • Appreciation letters
  • A self-written poem

... and more!

No.3 - Paintings / Drawing

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If you're talented - then why not? Honestly, it would feel so good painting or drawing something for a special person than just for the sake of killing time. It's personal, loooots of work & love and just shows: I care about you.

A few ideas:

  • A portray
  • Their favorite tV character, singer, band, movie poster, etc.
  • Their favorite place
  • Flowers
  • Beach
  • A cute animal
  • Their pet
  • A symbol of your friendshp, love, etc.

... and more!

No. 4 - Flowers

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Classy but lovely - and highly appreciated if it's out of the blue! Just make sure, they look fresh, aren't too pricey and they are their favorite flowers!

No. 5 - A movie night

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Cozy up in the bedroom, be surrounded by the waves, in a van or just in the living room; doesn't matter. What matters is that you have a great time with lots of snacks and laughs or cries.

A few ideas:

  • Their favorite movie
  • Their favorite snacks, fruits or vegetables (maybe even fries or pizza?)
  • pillows
  • candles
  • cozy clothes (maybe even twinning)

My recommendations:

  • Harry Potter movies
  • "The Notebook"
  • "Mean girls"
  • "Clueless"
  • "Titanic"
  • "Twilight"
  • "Letters to Juliet"
  • "Dirty Dancing"
  • Disney movies

... and more! (I focused on chick flicks and romabtic movies, but feel free to choose for any genre you or he/she likes)

No. 6 - Super clean and fresh

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Yes, I'm talking about cleaning the house, kitchen, bath or whatever!
Totally works for parents the best since they work hard and have a stressful day so cleaning up can help them in the household plus you make their day brighter - and that#s what we all want, right?

No. 7 - diy soap, bath bomb

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It isn't pricey and what makes it better: It's personal and you can even personalize it for the receiver.
The smell, look, size, etc.!

No. 8 - Connect

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Have a deep talk about topics your friend, partner, etc. is interested in or help them come up with solutions when he/she has a problem. Be there for them and listen. Connect again to make your relationship deeper and stronger.

Sometimes, all you need to make ones day better, is an honest and pure conversation.

No. 9 - A personalized gift

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Just... make it yourself so that it comes from the bottom of your heart and it fits the person's interest.

A few examples:

  • A self-made mug
  • self-made jewelry
  • Self-made clothes

... and more!

No. 10 - Bake, bake & bake & cook, cook, cook!

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No matter what, as long as it tastes well, haha.
Cute pastries, cupcakes or cakes bring joy to a person - and your sweet surprise will succeed! Believe me!

(Unless he/she is on a sugar diet)

Or, you can just cook a healthy & tasty meal for you. It's going to work wonders.

No. 11 - Thank You

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Say "Thank you" and mean it. Or write a thank you note if you can't express yourself well in words.

The person you want to thank will appreciate it and be happier! Trust me, a "thank you" and the reasons you thank him/her will make everything brighter and... well, happier.

No. 12 - Compliments over compliments

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Now, don't exaggerate with your compliments and don't overdo it!
It shouldn't be too much but also not less!

Compliment their outfit, smile, smell, laugh - or whatever suits best in the situation. Just compliment and see how happy they'll be!

No. 13 - Pets

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People adore their pets and they mean the world to them.

In order to show how much you love one person, do something great for their pet(s)!

It'll show how thoughtful and loving you are - because you not only care about them, but also care about their pets!

No. 14 - Hug or kiss them

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Ever thought about how silent and long hugs or kisses can give a person a feeling of support, security and love?

Use it - use it and see how they will hold onto you when you start hugging them or see how'll they smile in your kiss once you start kissing them.

However, no one says you can't give your sibling, parent or best friend a kiss on the cheek.

No. 16 - Write a short story

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You like writing? You like this person? They like to read? Then combine these three things together!

You don't need to publish the story, you can mail it to them, print it out for them or read it out to them.

A sincere, loving and sweet short story with important memories, symbols and places.


That's it for now!

I hope some things were a good inspiration. :)

Until next time! Bye!

- Diana

They'll love it for sure! I promise.