i started watching anime a couple weeks back and have been obsessed with it so far, so i decided to make my first article based off the genre.

keep in mind i'm completely new to the community so i haven't gotten to watch TOO many. my ratings for these might or might not change depending on how high or low my standards get as i continue watching. i have a lot of to be watched animes that i hope i'll be finishing by the end of the year. maybe i'll do a pt. 2 or even edit this article at some point lol.

on that note, i'd like to make it clear that i personally love & recommend all of these! i'm glad these were my first few so if you're looking on starting a couple yourself, i would totally suggest picking from this list.

#1tokyo ghoul

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rating: a good 9/10. the animation, soundtrack, characters, lore and overall plot were honestly wonderful. this was my first EVER anime so it holds a very special place in my heart. my only general complaint is the change of the opening song. it really fucked it up for me lmao :( s1's song (unravel) was such a bop. nothing can compare

four seasons · can get violent, suspenseful & gory

#2maid sama

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rating: 7/10 this show was so so so cute!! i was pretty hesitant to try it out but i'm really glad i did. it's a classic anime romcom and i'm happy to see it gain popularity at long last LOL. however i'm pretty dejected that there won't be a season 2 lmao, i was really looking forward to seeing how the main couple's relationship would play out. loved it nonetheless. characters were great, it was pretty funny, the love story was adorable, usui is baby.

one season · romcom

#3a silent voice

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rating: 10/10 this movie was a whole rollercoaster of emotions and i was such a wreck towards the middle but i literally love it so much i can't even put it into words. it's such a touching, heartwarming story and i could watch it a hundred times a day and STILL sob my heart out at certain parts lmao. the animation was wonderful, character development was chef's kiss and the ending was, satisfactory, to say the least, but also so heartbreakingly beautiful.

2 hr 10m · romance & drama (tw: suicide, bullying)

#4 haikyuu

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rating: 7/10 super cute & super fun to watch. i learned more about volleyball than i have in PE just watching the first season LOL. i will never get over the attachment i have to literally every character we meet in this anime. they're all adorable i love them and i love the story sm!! the only reason why the rating isn't higher is because the story can get slightly boring and predictable at times, but that's just me! everyone else i've met that's watched this anime adores every part of it. definitely worth a try.

three seasons · comedy, coming-of-age


okay got too lazy to list the rest LMAO but anyways, hope you enjoyed! follow me for a kith. my discord is doux#3939 if you're interested in giving me recs, chatting about any of these animes or just being friends. bye bye