Hello world, meet my friends' aesthetics, check out the fisrt part.


korean, ulzzang, and dark aesthetic image bts, jin, and rm image twenty one pilots image Image by K Y L I E
E-girl / K-pop fan / loves TOP / alt style


cultura, dance, and hispanic image flo wers, cocacola, and vintage image plants, green, and white image balcony, music, and valentines image
Great salsa dancer / musician / loves plants & animals


boy, aesthetic, and hair image gold, ink, and pen image aesthetics, yellow, and yellow aesthetic image Anakin Skywalker, childhood, and disney image
Dark hair / star-wars fan / artist / amorous


festival image city, sky, and sunset image pink, wallpaper, and netflix image glitter, manicure, and nails image
Electronic music / big city girl / netflix shows are her thing / nail art


game, nintendo, and video games image yellow image male model, model, and amandla stenberg image yellow, aesthetic, and polaroid image
Gamer / anime & manga fan / curly hair / art & photography

All the love, Mer.
Ps. Have a great day, remember you are beautiful.