I thought this would be a fun idea considering I speak French and wanted to share some of my favourite French words with you guys!

amour: love

kiss, love, and couple image couple, love, and aesthetic image love, couple, and dance image Image by Julin
"Bonjour, mon amour."

arc-en-ciel: rainbow

rainbow and wallpaper image rainbow, flowers, and moon image Image removed rainbow, bubbles, and aesthetic image
"Les arc-en-ciel sont mes préférés."

bijoux: jewelry

Image by nourelhoudahd accessories, bling, and gems image accessory, aesthetic, and beauty image
"Je rêve en bijoux."

bisou: kiss

love, bffs, and casal image Temporarily removed aesthetic, blue, and kiss image Temporarily removed
"Viens me faire un bisou."

chaussettes: socks

Image by 𝕣ꪗ𝟙𝟛ⅈᧁꫝ 𝟙𝟜𝕣ꪊꫀ Image by GLAM Image removed shoes, fashion, and aesthetic image
"Il est descendu en chaussettes."

doux: soft

aesthetic, pet, and rabbit image green, dog, and aesthetic image lucas, ten, and winwin image cat, cute, and animal image
"Sois doux avec moi."

je t'aime: i love you

couple, love, and paris image couple, love, and black and white image paris, couple, and eiffel tower image couple, love, and dance image
"Je t'aime beaucoup."

jolie: pretty

beautiful, model, and pretty image girl, aesthetic, and fashion image beautiful, beauty, and pretty image beautiful, beautiful girl, and girl image
"Tu es si jolie."

nuage: cloud

sky, pink, and purple image Image removed aesthetic, blue, and soft image clouds, sky, and aesthetic image
"Des nuages cachent le soleil."

parapluie: umbrella

hair, blonde, and hairstyle image clothe, style, and aesthetic image aesthetic, beautiful, and black image August, pink, and summer image
"Mon parapluie est cassé!"

papillon: butterfly

butterfly, aesthetic, and flowers image Image by Maya al-salihi butterfly, art, and body image
"La chenille s'est transformée en papillon."

soleil: sun

beach, sunset, and picnic image autumn, sunset, and fall image aesthetic, sun, and earrings image
"Le soleil est si brillant."