Hello my beautiful people all over the world!♥

I know, it might sound weird, but since we're getting close to september, and to the back to school season, I'm really starting to get excited about going back. I never really expected this, because I never really liked school since I had really bad anxiety every day, but then I realized I have nothing to worry about anymore. I got rid of my old roommates, who literally caused my depression for like a year,(I think I'm going to write another article about this)and this took off so much pressure from my shoulders.

So I'm totally excited to go back, because I feel better now, and I'm looking forvard to meet my friends(even if I have just a few in my school), improve my art skills and improve myself.
Now let's get started with the actual theme of this article.♥

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I'm going to tell you about how I get ready for school before it actually starts.♥

1. First things first, I always start with setting up my september spread in my Bullet Journal, because I want to stay organised the whole year, and it's easier for me if I write down my plans and everything I wanted to do/I've done.

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2. I write list about literally everything. For example what I should buy for the next school year, a packing list for dorm, and of course my goals for the next month.

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3. Sorting and then organizing my stationery is one of my favorite parts of this whole thing. First I look through everything I used(or didn't use). I love to sort my stationery and decide what I could use for next year. It's kinda difficult sometimes, because every notebook that I used last year and isn't filled should go if it isn't too important. My language, literature and history notebooks are always staying, but if a new year starts, I have to start a new notebook for every subject, I know it's kinda gross, but it's one of my pet peeves.

Also I can literally sit on the floor for hours, surrounded by new and old stationery and sorting or organizing them, while listening to my favorite playlists.

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4. I always try to set up a healthy sleeping schedule and try to reduce the number of all nighters and everything. That's because I love to sleep really, but I'm not a very good sleeper, I have too much in my mind every night, such things like ideas for random stories or books, complete articles, videos etc.
When I'm in school me and my roommates usually go to sleep at like 10 or 11pm, and wake up at 7am(except for one of my roommates, she wakes um at 6am). This way we can sleep a lot, and won't be tired all day.

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These are the things I do before going back to school. I hope you enjoyed this article, see you next time.