I'm going to share my best advice for saving money, because just like you I've had periods in both high school and collage where I didn't save a penny! Here are 4 of my best advice, let's go!

Don't buy course literature
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A lot of course literature can actually be found online as a free pdf with an easy google search. It's a great and easy way to save money, and with ctrl+F you can search through the whole book in seconds. But if you really need the book you should always try to find it second hand from an older student.
Get cash back on almost anything
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There are several cash back sites in multiple countries that give you a precentage of what you spend, back to you. This is a great way to get a couple of extra bucks back every month. BUUUT this dosen't mean you should shop spontaneously and by unnecessary stuff!
Be creative with your activities
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Activities such as going out eating, to the moves or bowling can cost money that could be saved. By this I don't mean you should stop doing fun activities, instead you should try to make cosy cheaper versions of them. Try having a Netflix marathon at your place or having a picknick!
Use your student discounts and coupons
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Don't be afraid to ask if there is a student discount when going to different places. It's a great way to save some extra money. A lot of stores both online and irl have student discounts in both the states and in Europe. Usually at the begining of a new semester there are several brands/stores that have extra big discounts for students of materials students can need!

Save your money and stay safe <3

xoxo Around The Block