Honey, watch out for spoilers❣️

How did you discover the series?

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I saw the trailer on HBO once and got me interested

Which house is your favorite (without House Stark and House Lannister)?

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My fav is Martell but I like Targaryen too

Who is your favorite character from House Stark?

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Who is your favorite character from House Lannister?

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Which death was the worst?

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I just can't choose one, but Robb Stark death was the most painful to look at. Also Oberyn Martell death was drastic for me

If you could be any of the characters who would you be?

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Daenerys Targaryen for sure

What character development do you like the most?

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Jamie Lannister (don't mind about sezon 8 coz ...)

What is your favorite season?

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I don't know why but i love seasons 5 & 6

Who is your Game of Thrones crush?

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Jon Snow

Who do you think deserved to sit on the Iron Throne?

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Daenerys deserved to sit on the iron throne the most. She has devoted her entire life to takes back what was hers, but I think the best ruler would be Jon Snow , as they say :
"The best Kings are those who never wanted a crown"

What do you think of the ending?

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One big disappointment. Game of Thrones always was iconic, how much they ruined this show in one season is unforgivable. I have trauma to this day and I can't accept it. But still it's the best show I ever watched

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