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hey friends! today I'm doing the "if my life had a soundtrack" tag! the rules are easy: you put your playlist on shuffle and the song that comes up answers the question.
let's start!

opening credits

you know you're right by nirvana

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
It's so warm and calm inside I no longer have to hide. There's talk about someone else, Sterling silver begins to melt

school day theme

death by dishonor by ghostemane

aesthetic, dark, and metal image 90s, chains, and emo image
Stuck in the middle of the earth, it ethereal. I'm bout to take a little trip and never come home

fighting with a loved one

sad song by scotty sire

youtube, david dobrik, and scotty sire image meme, reaction, and reaction memes image
The littlest things get me pissed off or mad. My life's pretty good, no I don't have it bad So it's hard to explain all these feelings I have


florida kilos by lana del rey

Temporarily removed blond, blonde, and braid image
I feel you, pretty baby, feel me. Turn it up hot, loving you is free

theme of your childhood

19-2000 (soulchild remix) by gorillaz

2d and gorillaz image animal, toys, and beanie babies image
The world is spinning too fast

theme of your teenage years

I'm sorry by swell

band, guitar, and library image b&w, sorry, and words image
You say that you don't like them, but I see you all the time

theme of your adulthood

difference (interlude) by xxxtentacion

Temporarily removed change, flowers, and quotes image
Girl, I'll be different. Baby, I could buy you wedding rings

being in love

ritalin by hunny

Inspiring Image on We Heart It cuddle, heart, and Jerry image
This body's getting warmer It feels much better than mine

relationship theme

in bloom by nirvana

nirvana, kurt cobain, and dave grohl image bed, boyfriend, and girlfriend image
He's the one who likes all our pretty songs And he likes to sing along and he likes to shoot his gun

wedding song

cut my lip by twenty one pilots

album, josh, and mood image dress, wedding, and white image
Isn't what I want, blood is on my tongue. I cut my lip

s*x theme

california by yungblud

yungblud image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Maybe I just need to go to California 'Cause I am young, don't wanna die yet, can't afford it. Maybe I just need to go to California

first song played in your car

hot topic by le tigre

Image by Bobbi Tolosa Image by ε=ε=ε=?
"You're getting old", that's what they'll say But don't give a damn I'm listening anyway

flashback themes

goodbye by billie eilish

billie eilish, billie, and eilish image lights, art, and cry image
Please, please Don't leave me

song of your death

mega zeph by $uicideboy$

Inspiring Image on We Heart It quotes, black, and dead image
Run, run, run, find a place where you safe Far from grace

final credits

sometimes by anthony amorim

haze, confused, and Dream image
I'm broken but I'm proud, I'm not feeling okay
that's it! I hope you enjoyed it :) xoxo,