Hello dear hearters, today I'm going to write about my favorite series, animes and k-dramas that I watched in 2020.Hope u enjoy it!


Anne with an e
aesthetic, tv show, and awae image anne with an e image anne with an e, gilbert blythe, and lucas jade zumann image aesthetic, tv show, and awae image
This is my favortie serie of all time.It's so beautiful and it has so many life lessons and teaches you about feminism, lgbt, racism, etc... I tottally recomend this serie.
Gilmore girls
study, gilmore girls, and quotes image gilmore girls and quotes image gilmore girls and lorelai gilmore image coffee, gilmore girls, and funny image
emotional, serie, and monica geller image friends, monica, and chandler image friends, quotes, and rachel green image 90s, friends, and funny image
Skam españa
skam image boys, skam, and spain image skam and skam espana image lesbian, skam, and couple image


goblin, sleep, and kdrama image kdrama, goblin, and quotes image anxiety, caps, and goblin image goblin, grim, and grim reaper image
Touch your heart
asian, beautiful, and bride image asia, korea, and promise image Korean Drama, series, and lee dong wook image Korean Drama, lee dong wook, and touch your heart image
Melting me softly
asian, book, and couple image drama, funny, and korean image Korean Drama, won jin ah, and melting me softly image ji chang wook and kdrama image
Extraordinary you
Korean Drama, kdrama, and rowoon image actor, couple, and rowoon image asian, book, and film image Korean Drama, rowoon, and gif image


Fruits basket(2019)
fruits basket, anime, and kyo image anime and fruits basket image anime girl, gif, and soma kyo image anime, anime girl, and gif image
Yona of the dawn
anime, comedy, and romance image anime, hak, and yona image funny, gif, and anime gif image hak, yona, and anime image