I am, too.
I know what you've been through and what you're still fighting because of your personality.
I am well aware of how hard it is sometimes, when people don't understand you.
Sometimes not even I understand what I'm doing and why I can't do stuff other people can do.
But I'm positive. I love myself.
I know that I'm unique, and that my being shy is not necessarly a negative thing, because it makes me more independent, thoughtful, self-conscious and it keeps me away from dangerous or unpleasant situations.
What I'm saying is: you are perfect the way you are, you're born this way and you must not let others tell you who you should be or how you should be.
I'm not just telling you to be yourself,
I'm telling you to enjoy yourself and to be happy for yourself.
You've got my love and support💜
If you need to talk, I'm there at any time,
you're free to dm me y'all!!!🧡