My first article was about change. My first big step into getting into the real world and realizing who I'm. However, my big change happened this year. Yeah in this awful year od 2020. I just want to inspire a few people and give some advice with this article.

1. Self-love

Yes, we all heard that thousand of times and It is still the most important thing. I hated the way I looked, I wasn't happy with my appearance and with my way of living in general, so I decided to LOVE MYSELF. It was a hard process but that was my main goal.

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A huge part of my time of learning how to love myself was through BTS. Believe it or not, their lyrics have significant meaning and it hits you deep. If you haven't heard their song LOVE MYSELF, I truly recommend it.

2.GYM and food

I decided I wanted to love what I see in the mirror, not hate it or avoid my reflection when I walk in the streets. So, I decided to go to the gym and eat clean, and it was the best decision of my life. Firstly because I became confident in my body, and I started to admire my self. Secondly, I fell in love with the healthy lifestyle. Healthy food for me is so far better than junk food now. Of course, I still eat it and sweets as well, but not in the amount I used to. All of that changed my lifestyle. I started to be more productive, to become a morning person, and enjoy the awful pain after the workouts.

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Now I can't imagine my life without the gym.

3. Be selfish.

It is crucial to realize how important it is to put yourself first in specific situations. I'm not saying to be selfish all the time, but you have to know what suits you and what is important to you. If something doesn't suit you, don't accept it. Basically, It's important to say NO. You have to be first place on the chards, then everyone else. Harshly said maybe, but yeah...

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Maybe I haven't said it right, but to put yourself first is not selfish. But people to call it selfishness.

4.Learn to not care

I've cared so much about people and things that actually were never necessary. It's important to know on what to give your energy and on what not. Because there is no use to worry about some things, it will only take your time and make you crazy. Learn to actually not care.

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5. Don't try to control things you can't

That is just a waste of energy hun, don't do that to yourself.


If you love drawing, writing, dancing, singing, acting, or whatever, do it more. It will fill your soul and heart and you'll feel happier. Doing what you love makes you feel better about yourself and you improve yourself as well.

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Levanter by Stray Kids- RECOMMEND IT

7. Enjoy little things.

Those things are the big ones. They will actually stay with you forever. That time when you were watching your friends laugh at some joke when you saw your mother's eyes when you tell her I LOVE YOU, how your father looked proud of you. Those things are everything.


If you believe in yourself there is nothing stopping your fire. Your belief is the strongest power in your battles.

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9. Never give up.

Life is harsh, life is a bitch. It's not easy, but that is the beauty of it. When you think there is no way out of something or you have no hope, hold on. Hold on those strings that make you go forward. Believe you can. Take as much time you need when you fell down, but then stand up and show everyone you can't be beaten.

I wrote this song, I hope some of you will relate to it.


Quote, I live by, and I don't know how to explain it.

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I guess that's it, people. Love you all!

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