I saw this tag a while ago, but at the time I wasn't that into writing articles, so I didn't. But now I'm suddenly excited to try it, so, here we go:

1. gender and name
aesthetic, hand, and rainbow image rainbow, aesthetic, and sky image
song: the village - wrabel
It's gonna be a he, and, for some reason, it gives me 'liam' vibes.
2. appearance
blue image skin, body, and aesthetic image
song: norman f rockwell - lana del rey
He has deep blue eyes, soft pale skin and a light brown hair that is always messy. he smells like coffee and paint :)
3. personality and mental health
blue, color, and feelings image Temporarily removed
song: march to the sea - twenty one pilots
He's very sensitive and emotional. He feels like he's never good enough and he often feels lost and confused. Still, he's pretty optimistic and never loses his hope. He tend to dream and idealize everything. However, his mental health isn't in its finest, and he's been having some depressed episodes, and even attempted suicide once.
4. location he lives in
Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, city, and night image
song: parents - yungblud
He lives in a big city.
5. relationship with his parents
Temporarily removed art, illness, and mental image
song: team - lorde
His parents are very supportive and liberal; in general, they have a great relationship.
6. relationship with siblings
friends, grunge, and sunset image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
song: the kids don't wanna come home - declan mckenna
Liam has a younger brother, who is kind of problematic, but they two have a good relationship and they help each other a lot.
7. relationship with his partner
love, quotes, and notes image love, quotes, and you image
song: you just haven't earned it yet, baby - the smiths
He always falls in love so deeply with anyone, but no one has ever truly liked him back. So, he often feels lonely and pretty sad, but he keeps dreaming with true love.
8. relationship with friends
aesthetic, bad, and bad boy image friends, girls, and friendship image
song: this is what makes us girls - lana del rey
He was part of a friends group with many girls during his teenage years. They used to hang out a lot and had a lot of fun, but, obviously, it didn't last forever. They were pretty immature, but it was essential for him to grow as a person.

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