day nine: recommend a binge-worthy tv show

D A R E D E V I L (2015-2018)

Based on the Marvel comic of the same name, Matt Murdock, who was was blinded in an industrial accident as a young boy, fights for justice as a lawyer during the day and takes on the criminal element by night with the help of superhumanly enhanced powers. ( synopsis)

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avaliable on netflix, the three seasons!
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matt murdock is the best marvel character and you'll be intrigued with him since the first episode (probably love him and have a crush on charlie cox)
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has the best villians, my absolute fave is wilson fisk but frank castle is close enough
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amazing supporting characters, i love so so much elektra my badass queen <3
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the dark/dry humour is so funny
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the fight sequences are honestly so worthy, as a fan of marvel comics and action films, i honestly consider this the highest level on stuntwork and fight choreography
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matt and foggy's friendship is so whoesome, you'll love them
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at last the whole aesthetic of the show is perfection, the red and black color scheme is so cool, also neon lights and catholic churches arquitecture.

hope you see it & enjoy it, the only flaw it has is that it isn't renewed for a fourth season:(