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1. Which male idol would you trust to hold your drink at a party while you're gone?

got7, jackson, and jackson wang image Ikon, hanbin, and wyd image bobby and Ikon image exo, lay, and we are young image
Jackson Wang, Hanbin Kim, Bobby Kim, Lay

2. Which idol would you go to for a life advice?

gd, jiyong, and g dragon image girls generation, Sunny, and yoona image got7, jackson, and jackson wang image beautiful, girls generation, and beautiful smile image
Jiyong Kwon, Jessica Jung, Jackson Wang, Tiffany Young

3. Which idol would you trust as president?

Image by ♡ jessi image snsd and yoona image SHINee, minho, and choi min-ho image
Chaerin Lee, Jessi, Yoona Im, Minho Choi

4. Which idol, according to you, would accept to pretend to be your bf/gf in order to get a creepy guy/girl to leave you alone?

lisa, rose, and jennie image bambam, got7, and JB image 17, vernon, and diamond life image yuri, sooyoung, and hyoyeon image
BLACKPINK, Bambam, Vernon, SHY

5. Which idol, according to you, would pay for you if you were out in public and out of money?

beautiful, boy, and korea image Image by babydoll sungjae, eunkwang, and minhyuk image Image by Valentina Tolotti
Chanwoo + Yunhyeong, Yugyeom + Mark, BTOB, Mark

tag me if you try, I want to see your choices!

note: I chose the ones that came to my mind first